Turbo Scince is the link between scientific research and technical application. We bridge new discoveries to technical implementation in first prototypes and tests. We support our customers with optimization techniques and innovative developments for components and whole turbo machines. Therefore, we aim for highest possible data quality and analyses of it. The partnership with the Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt is an important component of our business model. It provides highest innovation capacity with novel methods and techniques.

We are specialized in the field of turbo machinery and offer engineering consultancy for all machine sizes. Those extend from very small turbo chargers, over aircraft engines to stationary gas turbines.

Our engineering consultancy are focused on our core areas:


Turbomachinery Simulation

State of the art simulation methods enable highly accurate predictions. We use these technologies to analyze and improve the behavior of entire machines and individual machine components by analyzing the flow through CFD and investigating the mechanical behavior with FE methods.


Prototype Anaylsis

Through our network we have access to test infrastructure and offer detailed machine tests. We develop customized and tailored tests, evaluate and interpret results and develop machines and machine parts.



Measurement Methods

Prototype testing plays an important role in the development of new turbomachinery components. To evaluate new concepts and designs, flow characteristics need to be tested. With our experience in experimental investigation of turbomachines, we support our customers to select and interpret different measurement technologies. Additionally, we analyze calibration data and develop measurement setups.