Turbine development for future aircraft engines

In cooperation with our project partner from the German aircraft engine industry, we work on challenges in turbine design for future aircraft engines. We simulate the aerodynamic and thermal behavior of new turbine geometries using modern high-resolution methods. These numerical simulations enable an understanding of the flow within the turbine, where optimization potentials can be identified and realized.

The efficiency of an aircraft engine depends strongly on the temperature of the fluid at the inlet of the turbine. It is often above the melting point of the surrounding materials and safe operation is only possible through highly complex cooling methods within the turbine. The challenge in the development of modern turbines is mainly the correct prediction of thermal stresses, including cooling mechanisms.

For our customers, we create numerical meshes, perform simulations and interpret results. We automate the entire process so that simulations can be conducted quickly, comparably and cost-effectively. Together with our customers, we develop methods to improve