General Product Development

We support our clients during the entire development cycle, splitting product development into four phases.

Draft - Phase 1

The draft phase is crucial to product success. During the draft phase, we analyze product requirements, ensure feasibility and develop first concepts. Within this phase, we use analytical methods and models.

Design and Optimization - Phase 2

In Phase 2 we design the machine. At this point aerodynamic characteristics and stability of the components are of utmost importance. Numerical simulations of flow and structure can already predict the characteristics of components and assemblies, which is why we use this technology to verify the design and to improve it further.

Construction - Phase 3

During this phase, the design is prepared for production. The machine design is finalized, detailed constructions are developed and production drawings derived.

Validation - Phase 4

Tests are essential to assess the operation of a new machine. As part of the validation, we plan test-bench setups and tests, instruct the production of prototypes and prepare the test setup. After these tests, we evaluate the data and interpret the results.