is a collaboration of professionals from diverse turbomachinery backgrounds encompassing the fields of Gas Turbine and Aerospace Propulsion as well as Computational Fluid Dynamics. Our unique expertise allows us to support our clients throughout the entire course of their projects – from initial conception to finished product. Our approach integrates novel methods and techniques derived from the aviation industry to offer our clients innovative product development solutions as well as comprehensive engineering services.

Turbo Science’s specialized skills cater to a wide range of industries including the energy, aviation and automotive industries. We develop individual concepts, engineer solutions and support the technical development of prototype testing and operation. All projects are conducted under the guidance of Dr. Heinz-Peter Schiffer whose extensive knowledge and experience ensure our clients’ projects achieve excellent results.

Our quality standards comply with highest requirements. We are a DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified engineering consultant for turbomachinery. We foster mutual cooperation with customers, suppliers and stakeholders and aim for highest possible satisfaction.

Engineering Consulting for Turbomachinery

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